Energy Ring: Turn Galaxy S10E Punch Hole into a Smart Battery Life Indicator

A new customizable app for Samsung Galaxy S10E allows users to turn the smartphone’s hole-punch camera into a smart battery life indicator. Are you interested on the idea? You aren’t the only one! The hole-punch camera on the Galaxy S10E handset looks a lot like R2-D2 from the Star Wars film franchise. And I can only say that not everyone feels OK with that.

There are some users who have even created a subreddit dedicated to all sorts of cool-looking wallpapers to ease your pain. Here you may find different background designs for your Samsung phone, including other famous pop culture characters such as Minions, Smash Bros, or Wall-E. Or you could go big and try out Energy Ring.

Change the ring to suit your personal preferences

With Energy Ring, you may add a circle of configurable length around the camera on the Galaxy S10E device. The ring created with the app can be made clockwise, anti-clockwise, or bidirectional. And you may also easily change the thickness of the ring and choose any color that you like.

Besides letting users change the ring to suit their personal preferences, the app is completely free on the Google Play Store. And yes, it does require notification access but that’s required for the battery indicator to function. Its own battery use is said to be negligible. As for those in-app purchases for additional functionality, they are there but the free version will be good enough for most users.

This app is currently optimized for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10E and S10 Plus only. I like what it does, but I must say it. I also hope that Samsung works on allowing the Galaxy S10 camera light ring to be used for other functionality. It would be great as a notification light, for example. The company could do that via a software update, but will it ever happen? We’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, Energy Ring waits for you. Take Energy Ring – Battery indicator for Galaxy S10/e/+ into your device and let me know how it works.

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