Fix Galaxy S6 Edge White/Black screen with new TWRP Recovery

We have heard that many of you are confronting to some serious problems when trying to install your favorite TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We are not here to tell you that this one of the disadvantages that you must accept if you choose to complete such a procedure, but on the contrary, we want to tell you more about the ideal solution to that annoying White/Black screen issue.

Read: Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy S6 Edge with Flashify from here.

Thanks to developer eousphoros, we finally have the chance to enjoy a working TWRP recovery for Galaxy S6 Edge and we are going to show you which are the steps that might be taken. However, not before warning you that this operation will make your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to void its warranty (don’t hesitate to read this guide that shows you how to restore it) and reminding you that AndroidFlagship is not responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone.

The responsibility is all yours, so do not blame us if something doesn’t go according to the plan and carefully follow each step exactly as given in the guide from below.

Even more, if you want to complete the guide you will have to use a computer and to temporarily deactivate the security protection as the antivirus or antimalware programs which might stop the procedure. Also make sure that the USB drivers are already installed and don’t forget to enable the USB debugging option and keep in mind that root access is required because you cannot use Odin for this TWRP as it’s available only in .img format.

You should also consider backing up everything from your Android device. This is highly recommended, so if something goes wrong, you still have access to all of your data which can be immediately restored. And no less important, charge your handset as it might get turned off in the worst moment possible! In such a situation, your phone might get soft bricked or completely damaged. No one wants that, right?

Are you ready for the operation? Proceed only if you are the owner of a Galaxy S6 Edge, G925F/I (or other unlocked models such as the T-Mobile one).

Fix Galaxy S6 Edge White/Black screen with new TWRP Recovery:

  1. Take the new TWRP from here on your computer;
  2. Also take the new boot from here on your on PC;
  3. Connect the PC to your Galaxy S6 Edge;
  4. Install the Flashify android app  from Google Play; it is necessary as long as it will help you flash .img file of TWRP recovery and boot partition;
  5. Open Flashify and do not hesitate to tap on Grant for this on the pop-up that shows up;
  6. Now, tap on Recovery image and select the TWRP’s image you downloaded earlier;
  7. Also tap on Yup in order to begin flashing TWRP;
  8. Choose Flash more to flash the boot image we downloaded above;
  9. Now, you must tap on Boot image and choosethe newboot.img file you downloaded earlier;
  10. Tap on Yup on confirm to flash the boot image;
  11. Tap on Flash more;
  12. Then, tap on 3-dot menu at top right;
  13. At the end, simply select Reboot recovery.

There will be no Galaxy S6 Edge White/Black screen issue, so enjoy your amazing device!

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