Enjoy Samsung Internet Browser for DeX Dock on your Android

I have always known that Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are extremely powerful. And with the DeX platform, many of these phones can power a desktop experience that includes speed, productivity, and communication applications. Samsung DeX is actually a single interface where you can work, watch and play – seamlessly. When you want a larger display, connect it to your mobile device with a cable and simply use it like a computer.

You can even use your mobile device as a mouse and keyboard. So you’re all set to go, and ready to change how you multitask day by day. It’s like the dream of using your phone as your primary computer is becoming a reality. I definitely don’t mind. What about you? Don’t you want such a thing on your Android?

DeX Dock and Samsung Internet Browser

While regular consumers could want to use their phone as a computer from time to time, and be perfectly satisfied with DeX as a desktop computing experience, the major focus of DeX is the enterprise. When Android devices serve as the primary computing platform for a business, IT can easily keep them updated.

This way, employees can work at flexible workstations throughout the business or around the world, and a singular device can be used for all work-related tasks. The phones can be tracked or erased if lost or stolen. After all, Samsung’s DeX platform makes it a breeze to convert your phone into a full-fledged desktop computer with the addition of a few key accessories.

If you’ve kept an eye on these, then you’ve heard of DeX Dock. This allows you to mirror your Android browser screen on PC and it can be done by Samsung Internet Browser. Also, you can access the websites in dark mode or ambient color with different fonts like Robot, Open Sans, and Roboto Condensed. This feature is very similar to Google Chrome, but you can use in DeX Dock mode as well.

Samsung’s internet browser provides you a great experience while you’re using Gear VR or any VR headset with your phone. Also, you can use the browser without worrying about privacy. This is one of the most secured browsers of the moment.

Get Samsung Internet Browser right away.

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