How to Charge Galaxy S7 Edge Wirelessly

If you just got the Galaxy S7 Edge, I bet that you want to know how to charge it without having to plug it in every single time. Phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 or even the Nexus 6 have wireless charging, but only Galaxy Note 5 comes with the “Fast Wireless Charging” option that surprises all.

Allowing your device to recharge wirelessly at nearly the same speed as quick wired chargers plugged into a wall, this is definitely a major advantage that you cannot let it go unnoticed. And you should also know that Samsung does things a bit different than most, so the Galaxy S7 Edge model comes with both regular wireless charging which is cheaper, and Fast Wireless Charging.

A regular wired charger will take care of your handset’s battery in less than 90 minutes, but the Fast” Wireless Charging is even better as long as it will recharge the Galaxy S7 Edge 50 minutes faster than the traditional wireless charging method. Don’t you like that too?

And things are not at all complicated as you can essentially buy a pad and instead of plugging in a your S7 Edge to charge it. In such a case, all you need to do is drop it on the charging pad and it will automatically start charging. In a sense this is wireless, as wires are no longer required, but the pad is still plugged in via a typical micro-USB cable.

How to Charge Galaxy S7 Edge Wirelessly:

  1. Instead of plugging in the Samsung smartphone, go to the charging pad and connect it to power adapter via the USB cable;
  2. Then, you must power on the adapter;
  3. Place the back of the Galaxy S7 Edge device at the charging pad;
  4. If you are using a Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (which is recommended), then the charging pad will emit a steady blue light as a sign that the device is charging;
  5. If the charging pad emits nothing more than a slowly flashing blue light, don’t hesitate to reposition your Galaxy S7 Edge device as soon as possible;
  6. Have patience until the charging process completes. Then, the charging pad will emit a steady green light letting you know that the smartphone is fully charged;
  7. At that point, you can remove your Galaxy S7 Edge from the charging pad.

Now, you just have to pick it up and go as you have a full S7 Edge battery!

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