Liquify Walls – the first Wallpaper App from Joshua Masih

Joshua Masih is a popular developer of Android Icon Packs, but who says that he cannot surprise us? Liquify Walls and it is the first wallpaper app from the developer. As you can guess, you will find Liquid wallpapers in this application, but Liquify Walls – made for AMOLED is unique since it has been designed from the beginning with AMOLED screens in mind.

Every single wallpaper that you can find there is hand crafted and originally made to look incredible on AMOLED devices such as the Samsung’s Galaxy devices or those from HTC and LG, and you must give it a try. Note though that this comes as the free version of the app and only a taster for the full version as it contains ads and only one category of wallpapers.

If you choose the Pro version instead, you can unlock over wallpapers, including some exclusive wallpapers made for Galaxy phones, you get regular updates and the possibility to save wallpapers to your handset, not to mention that there are no ads to worry about.

How to Use the App:

  1. Download the Liquify Walls application from the Google Play Store link;
  2. You can now see 3 tabs displayed on the top below the search box where the default tab is the one which displays all the wallpapers that are currently present in the application;
  3. By swiping to the left, you will see the Categories tab which will display the categories of wallpapers available at present;
    Then, swiping on the extreme left leads you to the Recents tab. This tab will show all the wallpapers that we have opened recently with the most recent wallpaper being the first one in the list;
  4. Just click on any of the wallpapers found here and it will display the full preview of the wallpaper;
  5. If you like what you see, then clicking the Apply Wallpaper icon is recommended, but you can also preview the wallpaper in its original size as the default preview will be in compressed form with the help of the dedicated icon from the Wallpaper preview screen or choose if you want to apply the wallpaper on the home screen, lock screen or on both these locations. As for the inbuilt wallpaper crop, it is also your choice to use it or not!

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