How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 in a minute or less

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Tab 4 10.1 are finally available in India, being priced at Rs. 23,960 and Rs. 30,498 respectively. In case of wanting a new device that runs on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system out of the box, also getting the power from a quad core processor and being capable of voice calls, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 seems to be an inspired choice. And you can do much more than that after buying it, thus root access should be ensured!

Just as we are always telling you, the procedure of rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet will offer you various benefits, such as allowing for the installation of new third-party root apps, overclocking your device’s processor, performance tweaks and even new custom ROMs. The ROM is basically the version of Android installed on your handset, most of the time being better than the official version.

But they could also come with lags, not to mention that these unofficial procedures are generally risky, so be sure that rooting your Galaxy Tab 4 is what you really want to do and that you know for to do it properly.

Review the risks:

  • This procedure of rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is not an official one, so if you decide to apply it you’ll lose the official warranty; please note that due to the modified device software, Samsung’s repair network will most likely have to replace key components before it can properly test, the device and this means an extra service fee for the additional costs caused by this modification of the software.
  • This guide is for the Galaxy Tab 4 only, so attempting to root any other device with this guide will most likely result in a bricked handset – that is something that you should be aware of even from the start; in these conditions, we can only suggest the proceed only if you are owner of this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet;
  • Our site assumes no liability for this rooting procedure; we can assure you that the steps here presented are the correct ones, but if you mess things up it is only your fault;
  • Proceed with caution and don’t hesitate to ask us in case of having any questions or second thoughts.

Preparatory steps:

  • Start by backing up your important data that you’ll also want to use after you finish this rooting procedure. We recommend a backup option like Nandroid, but it is up to you to choose any other option you might want. In these conditions, if something goes wrong, you can simply restore your data as no problem has ever happened, no matter if we are talking about images, songs, videos, messages, files or settings;
  • Enable USB Debugging mode by navigating to Settings -> Developer Options;
  • Prepare your computer and also verify if you have already installed the USB drivers for the tablet;
  • You must also disable the security protection on your laptop that might interfere with this rooting operation;
  • Search the original USB cable; you are going to use it later;
  • If you want to successfully root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet, then you have to charge it to at least 70 percent. If you don’t do that, there’s a high risk of seeing how the device powers off during of one the steps given below, so be careful. Is this what you want?

Do you want to start the procedure? Only now you are ready to do that:

How to Root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4:

  1. Download the rooting files for your Galaxy Tab 4 as well as the Odin file – go to this page;
  2. Extract the files in your PC;
  3. Enter your Galaxy Tab 4 into Download mode; if you haven’t done it before, don’t worry; it is not at all difficult: you can easily do that by holding the Volume Down button and the Home key buttons at the same time. While holding these buttons, you need to switch ON your device and that was all;
  4. Your tablet is now in Download Mode, so connect it to the computer with the help of original USB cord; after that, you will see that the ID : COM section will turn Yellow or Blue indicating that all its drivers are installed successfully;
  5. Now, you must click on the PDA tab from Odin in order to select the ‘tar file’ which you got after extracting the firmware package to click on ‘Start’ in Odin;
  6. Just wait a few minutes for the update process to get completed (no more than 4-5minutes, to be more precise);
  7. After that, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 will reboot automatically and you’ll officially be the owner of a rooted tablet.

Then, you will see the Language preference option in the device and choose what you want; and if the device gets into the boot loop sequence, you just have to long press the power button and follow once again the given instructions.

Finally, if you want to be one hundred percent that everything worked as initially planned, just download the Root Checker app from the Google Play Store.

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19 Responses

  1. michelletbs says:

    Hi, would like to ask whether this is also works for Model Tab 7 4.0 SM-T231?

  2. flag says:

    is there a 1 touch root method for the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 KitKat wifi version;(let no at ([email protected])or what method would be best thanks please respond.

  3. Ricki Erha says:

    Hi, would like to ask whether this is also works for Model Tab 7 4.0 SM-T231?

  4. Carlos Sayyid says:

    Failed. “firmware upgrade encuntered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again”

  5. Jessica Mancy says:

    it says fail will this work for SM-T230NU

  6. sad says:

    failed, not am stuck on a message firmware upgrade encountered an isse. please select recovery mode in kies and try again

  7. joe says:

    I have a model number sm-t230nu will it work

  8. Brandon Lee Scott says:

    If anyone has new info on how to successfully root the galaxy tab 4 7inch please feel free to email me :) [email protected]

  9. I tried this and it is now stuck in download mode, wont turn off, or reboot ro anything – is it wrecked?

  10. what is recovery mode?

  11. Simon Wall says:

    How do I download the driver files onto my computer?

  12. Simon Wall says:

    I have a Galexy tab 4 7 inch serial number SM-T230NU and I am wondering if this will work for it.

  13. Wando Odera says:

    I rooted my Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 SM-T231. I used an application called Root master and did not even take a minute to finish the process. It worked.

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