Enjoy a Hands-free, Eyes-free Learning Experience with Pocket

If you’re still using an iPhone and want to save some articles for a later time, you know what you have to do. You may create a reading list right from the Safari browser.

This means you can access those stories later on your iPhone, iPad or even Mac. What about Android users? Well, Google might have introduced a similar functionality for Android phones, but this cannot even be compared to what some Google Play apps can offer.

One such example is Pocket. What??? Haven’t you heard of it? It’s time to change that! At first, take Pocket: Save. Read. Grow and install it into your device.

The app is free, but for $4.99/month you get a real feast out of it. Well, advanced search, unlimited highlights and automatic article backups are some of the best features that come along with the Pro version, but they aren’t a must.

Here’s what you are about to get

You can use the free version to capture the content that comes and curate your own space filled with only the topics you care about. You may save the latest articles, news, stories, videos, recipes, web pages, how-to information – anything you discover online or subscribe to, from any publisher.

I can assure you that pushing articles into Pocket is far from complicated. It’s extremely easy to use the official smartphone app. And by the way, for desktops, it has its own bookmarking extension that supports all the major desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Within Pocket, you can see all your saved articles, and organize and customize them with the help of various font style, size, and themes. As for Pocket’s listen feature, it turns any news story, article, or blog post into a hands-free, eyes-free learning experience. This is actually my favorite feature of all, so what do you say? Will you try out Pocket too?

And let me add just one more thing. Pocket surfaces best of web content discovered by users, verified by curators, and approved by the app’s editors. So, when you are uninspired, you can find all kinds of topics from all kinds of publishers, including quality magazines and news sources like Fast Company, Quartz, Harvard Business Review and not only.

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