How to Use Samsung Secure Folder in Galaxy J7 Max

The Secure Folder app, which debuted with the Galaxy Note 7, was recently released for the Nougat-powered Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, yet this isn’t all. Other devices have it and you should better learn how to use it properly. It would be a shame not to do this since the Secure Folder has been featuring on both high-end and mid-range phones.

Well, the Samsung Secure Folder app is an encrypted location within your Galaxy J7 Max too and it lets you store important files, apps, notes, songs or photos which you wouldn’t keep unlocked or unprotected in any other circumstances. I bet that you know the story, so let me just add that using the Samsung Secure Folder is not at all complicated.

You can find below all the necessary steps and be sure of the fact that I get if you are worried that the app can be opened by other people who might tend to use or “borrow” your phone. All you must do is to camouflage it through the Customise icon feature, so choose a misleading icon and a new name and no person will know the truth.

How to Use Samsung Secure Folder in Galaxy J7 Max:

  1. First of all, create your Samsung account. This account will be used in the setup of the and using it to log in to the Secure Folder app, so it’s a must;
  2. Then, you must set up the lock type. Just as always, you can choose from a PIN, Pattern or fingerprint;
  3. Now, you can start off by adding your apps and files, so tap on Add apps to clone an app to the Secure folder;
  4. Feel free to choose from the Play Store directly or from your own arsenal of apps;
  5. Well, the files can be added through the Add files icon, so feel free to add virtually any file including images, videos, documents or installation files;
  6. Once you’ve done that, you can be sure that all these files and images won’t be available outside the Galaxy J7 Max secure folder.

After all. you know that Secure Folder App is another Samsung Wonder!

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