How to Delete Icons from Galaxy S9 Plus Home Screen

On most Android handsets, you can remove individual app shortcuts from the home screen itself. However, since different manufacturers decide to implement different menu options for their Androids, your handset might not have the ability to delete app icons from the home screen. This is though nothing to worry about if the smartphone that sits in your pocket at the moment is none other than the Galaxy S9 Plus one.

Through this procedure, you can learn how to delete icons from your Galaxy S9 Plus Home Screen. I know that these shortcut icons in your home screens on your device can give you quick one-tap access to your favorite apps, documents, Internet shortcuts, file folders and not only, but there’s more about this supposedly happy story.

Like it or not, with every new application that is being installed on your device, at a time, you are thrilled and excited and eager to use it, yet cluttering is included too. In no time, your once spacious and organized Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus home screen can become unrecognizable and I definitely hate such situations!

Don’t you agree with me on that? If you do, then you know that deleting certain icons (not all of them) from time to time is a must. Yes, you can delete individual icons and keep everything in order, so waste no more time and learn how to do it:

How to Delete Icons from Galaxy S9 Plus Home Screen:

  1. First of all, you have to navigate to your Home screen;
  2. Here you can find the precise icon you want to delete;
  3. Now, long press on that icon for about two or three seconds and like that, a trashcan icon will appear on the handset’s screen;
  4. Up next, drag the icon to the trashcan then release. At this point, the icon shall disappear on the spot from that folder. It will also disappear from the Galaxy S9 Plus’ Home screen;
  5. Just repeat the same steps for every icon that you no longer need on your phone!

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