How to insert SIM Card on your Galaxy S9

Here I am with a fresh guide for Galaxy S9 users like you! A lot of different kinds of SIM cards can be found in the market, so avoid any confusions when it comes to putting in the SIM Card on your Galaxy S9. You should know from the start the fact that you must use the correct size of Galaxy S9 Plus SIM card because the slot in the SIM card tray can only hold nano-SIM cards.

As you know, there are four possible sizes of SIM cards: Full-sizeSIM (1FF) and the truth is that no Android phones use it; Mini-SIM (2FF) – this is generally usually referred as “normal” or “standard” SIM card in certain countries; Micro-SIM (3FF) – this is the most popular size of SIM card for middle-range and entry-level Android phones, along with the one that you are interested about – Nano-SIM (4FF).

Well, Nano-SIM is the smallest SIM card available for a smartphone today. Most flagship smartphones require nano-SIM and your S9 smartphone is no exception to that. You may try another dimension, but I want to warn you from the start that it is pointless. And even if some claim that it is incredibly easy to trim a mini-SIM to a micro-SIM card since the metal part is not touched in this process, I have another advice for you.

I don’t encourage you to trim a nano-SIM card by yourself while it’s so easy to get the nano-SIM card from your carrier and play by the book. Wouldn’t it be better?

How to Put in SIM Card on your Galaxy S9:

  1. First of all, ensure that your Galaxy S9 handset is powered off;
  2. Then, open the SIM card tray by inserting the ejection pin into the SIM card tray hole;
  3. At that point, the SIM card tray shall automatically open. It should appear downward with the gold-colored contact above the SIM card tray;
  4. Insert the SIM card into the tray accordingly (gold contacts facing down, of course);
  5. Then, carefully push back the tray so that your Galaxy S9 phone may be able to read it.

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