Turn off LG G4 Camera Shutter Sound

You are probably convinced of the fact that your LG G4 has an amazing camera, especially if you take your time to get to know it and learn how to properly use it, but I’ve heard many owners complaining about the default camera app’s shutter sound.

They just want to know how they can turn off the LG G4 camera sound to take photos without being noticed, without drawing unwanted attention and I have a feeling that you are here for the exact same reason.

I have to admit that I also find the camera shutter sound as being annoying not only for the owner, but also for those around him, so it’s time for some serious changes.

You know that there are some countries which have laws to force the phone to play these sounds such as the United States, but if you live somewhere else, the best part is that you can turn off the camera sound on your LG G4 or find a lower level that doesn’t bother anyone.

Turn off LG G4 Camera Shutter Sound:

  • An ideal method to achieve your goal is by using a third party camera app. It’s true that the stock Android camera app plays a shutter sound when you take a picture, but not all camera apps have this feature, so find one that meets your demands. For example, No Sound Camera app is such a third party camera app that you would enjoy using as long as it has most of the features you expect: first of all it is silent, it lets you modify settings like exposure, focus, white-balance, or resolution and is totally free.
    Take No Sound Camera from here.
  • If you don’t have a rooted LG G4, the Camera Mute apk is just what you need. You can download the apk file from this link and then simply copy it on to your Android device, install it and run it. The app mainly works with Samsung phones, but it has also been tested on LG G4, so don’t be worried about a thing;
  • You can also choose to mute or turn down the volume on the smartphone, so start pressing the Volume down button on the side of LG G4 until the phone goes into vibrate mode. When the volume sound is on mute on the LG G4, the camera shutter will also become as silent as you wanted it to be whenever you might need to take a photo;
  • Some say that all you have to is to plug the headphones into the smartphone. In most cases when you plug headphones in, all sounds from the device will play through the headphones, but the trick doesn’t work on LG G4.

You should also know the fact that the G4 device separates media audio from notification sounds and that’s why you should try any of the methods from above.

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    This app doesn’t work on my G4 Android 6.0

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