Pixel 3 XL: Pair with a Bluetooth accessory

Pixel 3 XL is the new smartphone of the moment coming from Google. This brings you the best of Google in a phone, powered by AI to deliver more innovative and enjoyable experiences, no matter what your intentions may be. That means a phone that might not be a beauty (as others are), but it has its software tricks that you will love.

To be more precise, it answers for you when a telemarketer calls and it is ready to provide a more helpful visual and audio experience while charging. It also includes a camera that proves to be smart enough to know a good photo when it sees it thanks to an incredible machine learning like no other and not only.

So, I bet that there’s no buyer’s remorse to worry about. And the little things that you normally love enjoying on Android devices are clearly here available too. For example, you can easily pair your Pixel 3 XL device with your Bluetooth accessories in no time. Yes, you may stream music and videos, make phone calls, and more, just as you are used to do it.

As you know, wireless devices with Bluetooth radios must be “paired” with each other before they can communicate. This involves making them discoverable and potentially entering a PIN. The pairing process works with “Bluetooth profiles,” and each device has to be compatible. Just keep that in mind before asking the impossible.

So, how the actual procedure? Very simple to follow, I can say. Just follow the steps here given:

How to Pair with a Bluetooth accessory:

  1. In Settings, turn your phone’s Bluetooth on to scan for devices;
  2. Then, verify that the other Bluetooth device is in Discover mode;
  3. You may now select the appropriate Bluetooth accessory from the list of available devices;
  4. Do not hesitate to enter your PIN, if requested. Now, you are good to go.

Typically, once a Bluetooth accessory has been paired with your Pixel 3 XL phone, it can be used with your handset anytime without needing to pair it again.

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