Remove the Google Search Bar by Disabling the Google App

You know how the story goes, I am sure of that: the Google Search bar is sitting there, taking up space on the home screen of your Android device. Many of you would rather free up space for app shortcuts and other stuff that really matters and you can be sure of the fact that I am here to help. Do you want the same thing too? Keep on reading!

First of all, I want to assure you that there are a few quick ways to remove the Google Search bar, so you should better start with the most obvious: tap and hold the search bar, and see if you can drag it to a remove button at the top of the screen. Sadly, if the phone that you own came like that out the box, this probably isn’t going to solve the issue, but there’s something for you too.

You can try to remove the search bar by disabling the Google app. In such a case, the space doesn’t then become available for app shortcuts. It also stops Google Now working, but you can use this method if you want to remove the search bar for aesthetic reasons.

And no, don’t worry about breaking your phone. Apps like Google Play Services are essential for your system (unless you build your OS outside of Google’s ecosystem), but your other apps will work fine without the Google app.

Remove the Google Search Bar by Disabling the Google App:

  1. Open your Android’s Apps menu. It’s a menu of all native and third-party apps installed on your device;
  2. Then, you need to open Settings;
  3. Up next, open Apps;
  4. In the All apps list, find Google app, or just Google. You must now tap it and select Disable;
  5. Now, turn off your device, and turn it back on. This will make sure to apply all new changes to the app settings on your device. Since the Google app is disabled now, the search bar should finally be a part of the past now!

Do you find things better now?

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