How to Sign up for Android 9 Pie Beta Testing on your Nova 3i

Huawei is the second leading Android smartphone vendor after Samsung, so it has all the freedom in the world to choose what to do with software updates. People are though always curious to find out how fast the new Android 9 Pie update arrives on the eligible devices they use. If you own Huawei’s Nova 3i, then I have good news for you.

The status of Android 9 Pie update for the Nova 3i looks quite promising. As of this writing, you can sign up your device to EMUI 9.0 beta testing program that brings along the sweet Pie flavor.

You can be one of the owners that actually help the company iron out the existing bugs. Nothing is perfect from the start, you know. And I bet that you will also feel awesome to be among the first users to get your hands on the beta version of the operating system.

There is nothing complicated about submitting your interest for Pie beta on your Nova 3i, I can assure you of that. Let me be your guide:

Sign up for Android 9 Pie Beta Testing on your Nova 3i:

  1. To sign up, you must first grab Friendly User Test and install it;
  2. Launch the app;
  3. Up next, enter into Personal > Join Projects > Available Projects > Sign up;
  4. Now, you must only wait for the confirmation from Huawei.

I can only hope that you are lucky since the slots are limited to both time and number. Availability may vary depending on regions too, so what are you still doing here? You should better hurry up! Normally, after you submit the quit application, the company will dispose your application within 48 hours or so.

And remember what your role here really is. Yes, you are curious and all, but during the test time, if you find any problem, you must go to “Report” page. There, just choose the relevant module which your problem is related with, then input all necessary information. In the end, do not forget to finish and hit the Submit option.

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