Update Galaxy S6 Edge to Android Official Firmware using OTAs and Odin

Updating your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to an official Android Firmware is not such a difficult task, thus it can be done even by those who are new at this chapter. Basically you can flash the update in two ways: by using the OTA (over the air) release or by using Odin which implies installing the same firmware manually.

In this situation, here we are not with one, but with two guides for these two scenarios.

Before proceeding, our advice is to backup your important data that you might need after this procedure is over; this is just a precaution for any case, so don’t skip it. Also prepare your personal computer by disabling the security programs that you have there, as well as the antivirus as they might interrupt the procedure. This measure is just for the moment, but after that, be sure that you can install them back.

Speaking of installation, don’t forget that you must have the appropriate Galaxy S6 Edge drivers in the computer before thinking to install stock Android on your handset. Also enable USB debugging mode or you might experience some problems when it comes to ensuring a connection between your phone and your computer.

At the end, charge your Galaxy S6 Edge if the battery status shows less than 60% and let us remind that you following this tutorial means that you accept all responsibility for any sort of damage that may be caused during the updating process. You have been warned from the start, so don’t blame us if something goes wrong!

Update Galaxy S6 Edge with OTA release:

  1. The OTA will be automatically received by your smartphone;
  2.  Open the Notification bar and tap on the new Android OS update alert;
  3. An internet connection must be enabled if you want this procedure to work.
  4. Confirm the download and start the installation;
  5. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will reboot and install the new Android firmware;
  6. In the end, the LG G Flex phone will simply boot in normal mode.

Update Galaxy S6 Edge to Android Official Firmware using Odin:

  1. Download the latest version of Odin on your PC;
  2. Unzip the tool on your PC and install it by simply following the on screen prompts;
  3. Download the new Android OS version on the same computer;
  4. Unzip the firmware on the same folder as Odin;
  5. Run Odin on your computer;
  6. Enter your Galaxy S6 Edge in download mode by pressing Volume down and Power buttons at the same time;
  7. Connect your smartphone with the computer;
  8. At that point Odin should recognize your phone, so the “added” message should be displayed and the ID:COM section should change the color into yellow or blue;
  9. From Odin click on “PA” option;
  10. Take the Android firmware file you have downloaded on your computer and tap on Start;
  11. Wait for the program to flash the Android OS on your Galaxy S6 Edge device;
  12. In the end on Odin the “pass” message should be displayed and the ID:COM section should turn green.

That was all! Do you need additional help? Let us know it and we’ll make sure that you’ll receive it!

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