How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Alerting the Sender

There are certain cases when you might want to read a WhatsApp message without having to reply right away. Is such a thing possible?

I believe that you will love this guide as long as it shows you that it’s possible to read WhatsApp messages without alerting the sender and avoid upsetting anyone.

WhatsApp notifies both parties within a conversation about the read status of a message. It uses a tick system whereby one grey tick means that a certain message has been sent, two grey ticks mean it has been delivered, while two blue ticks mean it has been read.

This can’t be switched off for group conversations, but for individual WhatsApp chats it’s easy to turn off read receipts.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Alerting the Sender:

Disabling the “Read receipts” option will certainly give you the desired result. Like that, you’ll disable the ability of WhatsApp to show blue ticks to the sender that tells them that you’ve read their message. However, I must warn you about the fact that if you choose to disable read receipts, you won’t have the chance to know whether someone has read your texts or not. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open WhatsApp;
  2. Up next, find your way to the app’s Settings;
  3. Tap on “Accounts”;
  4. After that, tap on “Privacy”;
  5. Scroll to the bottom;
  6. You just have to untick “Read receipts”.

Known as Flight Mode, this option can be found in the Settings menu, by swiping up from the top of the screen on Android. Once this mode has been enabled, the user can easily open the app and read the message without alerting the sender’s attention to their action by triggering the blue ticks. To keep it a secret, users need to close the app while still being in Airplane Mode.

You can also get a glance from the notification bar. You always get a notification in your notification area when you get a message. You can easily read the complete or partial message from the notification bar without opening the app. The blue ticks show when you open the app to read messages.

Use can also use WhatsApp Pop-up. Many might have forgotten about this old feature, but I can assure you of the fact that it is still available in WhatsApp. Go to the app’s settings and select “Notifications”. Now, look for “Pop-up Notification” under “Message Notifications”. Tap on it and select one from the following options:

  • Only when screen “on”;
  • Only when screen “off”;
  • Always show pop-up.

By doing so, you can read the messages without actually opening the app.

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