Increase Loudness of Moto G4 with Volume Booster Mod

In this tutorial I want to show you how to increase the Volume of Motorola Moto G4 in all aspects, including ring volume, in-call voice, music volume and so on. This is a great device (I am not here to question that), however sometimes its volume seems to be low, most probably in situations when taking calls in public areas. The point is that you can now increase the loudness of your device with Volume Booster Mod and I am sure that you won’t regret it!

There is once again an XDA member – hp420 – who has made a volume booster mod for all Moto G4 2016 devices. This simple Volume mod will increase the volume of your speaker without damaging the hardware.

To be more precise, the Volume Booster Mod that I am telling you about will change the stock values of the mixer_paths.xml file in order to increase the Volume level, just as you want. Since this file can be found in the system partition, a handset that has been already rooted is a must. I can only hope that this is not an issue for you and that you are ready to take things to a new level than siting in your shell, afraid that something bad might happen.

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The default volume level in Moto G4 devices is 84 and changing this value will boost the volume level. The XDA developer has made some optimal mixer_paths.xml files for Moto G4 devices. So, let’s see what files these are and what you can do with them:

Increase Volume of Moto G4 with Volume Booster Mod:

  1. Let’s start with the download part:
    Volume Booster Mod (89)
    Volume Boost (89) with Stock in-call (84)
    Mega Booster Mod (92)
    Stock Mixer Paths File
  2. Install any root explorer that you might want to use such as Explorer;
  3. Download the modified mixer_paths.XML file of your choice;
  4. Then, move it to your device’s storage;
  5. Open the explorer app;
  6. Now, you should think of having a backup for any case, so change the mixer_paths.XML file in /etc/ name to mixer_paths.xml.bak;
  7. Also name the modified mixer path file that you’ve downloaded to mixer_paths.XML and copy the file to /etc;
  8. Change the permissions to 644 (rw-r-r);
  9. Don’t forget to double check the permissions once again;
  10. Once you’ve done all these, reboot the device;
  11. After installing this mod, you’ll notice a significant increase in the volume levels of your device. If you feel like reverting back, feel free to simply replace the modified file with the stock mixer paths file.

So, you see, if you are looking to increase the volume of your Motorola device, then you’ve come to right place. And we’ve got plenty of other guides for you, so keep on reading!

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