How to Turn on Galaxy S8 Game Launcher

The Galaxy S8 is here, so you should better start figuring out what you can do with it. Sure, there are tons of advanced new features that will let you scan your irises or use your face to unlock the phone, you get the promise of a faster next-generation processor and a Bixby assistant at your own convenience and Samsung does a good job walking new users through some of those features. However, there are still plenty of other functions buried inside of menus and you have to discover them.

For example, do you know how to turn on Galaxy S8 Game Launcher? The latest Samsung flagship delivers outstanding performance, and since it has a top-quality display, you really get to enjoy playing the games. But things aren’t always that easy and you know it.

I am sure you don’t want to be disrupted while playing, right? That’s where Game launcher can help you. To be more precise, it comes with some dedicated options for disabling notifications during games, muting the sound when games are launched and turning on a various performance modes for either extra horsepower or increased battery saving, not to mention that it provides a nice folder for storing all your games, inside the folder.

How to Turn on Galaxy S8 Game Launcher:

  1. Open Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping on the Settings icon;
  2. Tap Advanced Features;
  3. Then, tap Games;
  4. Search for Game Launcher;
  5. Up next, just tap the toggle to turn it on;
  6. You can find the Game launcher folder on your Home screen. Your games will be in that folder. When you open it, you can tap “No alerts during games” as this will disable all notifications from popping up when you don’t need them, or you can choose to “Mute game” if you want to disable game sounds completely. Another option that you can turn on is “High-performance” if you are looking for better graphics while playing.

Note: If you have already installed games, then let me tell you that your S8 will automatically place the app icons for each game inside a newly created Game Launcher folder.

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Even more, you can also downloaded a game or two to play using Game Launcher on the Galaxy S8:

  • Open Game Launcher;
  • Then, just launch a game by tapping on its icon;
  • Swipe Up from the bottom of the phone to open the Game Tools Shortcuts, where the left circle capacitive touch button will let you access other in-game settings — including the ability to return to the Game Launcher home screen — without interrupting your game.

Tap the Settings Icon to program the right shortcut to record in-game videos, screenshots or even enable Screen Touch Lock, which prevents the game from quitting even when your device is locked.

Then, you must tap the Game Launcher Shortcut in the Game Tools Menu (next to the Settings icon) to exit.

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