Add Swipe Controls to YouTube Android App

YouTube made quite a few changes in the past few months and this includes the ability to double tap to jump 10 seconds forward or backward. This is indeed useful, but many of us still dream of something different such as simply having the chance to swipe left or right to seek forward or backward in the video or swipe up and down to control the volume.

Swiping to control audio and video is almost a standard feature on every popular video app on the Play Store, yet that’s not the case with YouTube.

Well, this is not just a dream, but it is actually possible to add swipe controls to your YouTube Android app. Many of you might now be thinking of that special app called Touch Controls for YouTube that gives you the chance to swipe up or down on any YouTube video to quickly adjust volume levels or brightness. As useful as the app might be, the truth is that it misses an essential feature; I am talking about this precise ability to seek forward or backward in the video by swiping the screen.

If you’re here I’ll just imagine that you do have root enabled and Xposed framework installed, so you’re aware of how things work on Android. The procedure is waiting for you:

Add Swipe Controls to YouTube Android App:

  1. Just go to the Xposed Installer app;
  2. Search for YouTube swipe to find the APK or get it directly from here;
  3. Install the APK;
  4. By doing that, a notification should appear asking you to Activate and Reboot, so don’t hesitate to do that;
  5. The next time you want to play a video on the official YouTube app, you can swipe left or right and a toast notification will appear telling you how far ahead or behind you’ve jumped in the video. Swiping up and down changes the volume levels however volume controls here only work when playing the video in full screen.

Isn’t everything extremely simple? Just let me know if you need any help!

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