How to Install MIUI 10 Global Stable on your Xiaomi Mi 5s

The global version of MIUI 10 was announced in June at the Xiaomi Redmi Y2 event. After weekly MIUI 10 Global Beta builds for various handsets, Xiaomi started releasing the MIUI 10 Global Stable for a few devices starting in September.

As of now, popular devices like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and others have received the MIUI 10 Global Stable update and now it’s time for your Xiaomi Mi 5s to join the party.

Installing MIUI 10 Global Stable on your Xiaomi Mi 5s is worth a try, even if just for fun. It’s not like anything bad could happen since this is the official version. Quite the opposite, you are about to get some interesting goodies. Some of you might like the idea of a new all-new UI is tailored for full-screen devices, while others might dream of hearing the natural sounds of MIUI 10.

You could also want to give a try to the new full-screen gestures that will change the way you interact with your Xiaomi device. Or maybe you want to have fun with the new Portrait mode for the perfect shot. What do you say? Do you want to move on?

How to get ready:

  • I know that you might like exploring what your device has to offer, but I have news for you. Like it or not, there’s only one way you can apply the below steps. No rooting is allowed, but you should have the stock Xiaomi recovery installed;
  • Your Xiaomi Mi 5s could easily shut down while the update is being installed. Plug in the charger now if you don’t have enough battery juice for the procedure.
  • It’s an official update so it shouldn’t cause any harm to your data, but it is always safer to have a backup before installing any updates.

How to Install MIUI 10 Global Stable on your Xiaomi Mi 5s:

  1. Download the MIUI 10 ROM file right away;
  2. Then, take it to the downloaded_roms folder on your Xiaomi device;
  3. Go to Settings > About phone > System update;
  4. Here, tap on the 3-dot menu button in the top right;
  5. Now, select Choose update package;
  6. Select the downloaded MIUI 10 ROM;
  7. The system will start decrypting the file and install it automatically for you. Have patience though as this could take 30 minutes or so.

Now, I can only hope the above worked flawless on your device.

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