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You know that Android gives you the chance to customize the keyboard you use, and the truth is that there are plenty of options to choose from. It is up to you to get all sorts of keyboards: I am talking about keyboards with non-standard layouts, keyboards that shrink down to tiny sizes, or others that let you drop in images and emoji with ease. However, over the past few years, developers have become more and more creative, meaning there are more choices than ever before.

With hundreds and hundreds of them on Google Play alone, how can you choose? One of my suggestions is none other than the TouchPal Keyboard and you will immediately see why.

In 2009, TouchPal Keyboard managed to win the award of Mobile Innovation at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona and despite of the fact that it is one of the lesser-recognized keyboards out there, a few useful features have helped it stand out and get over 10 million installs.

TouchPal’s keyboard held the freemium model of an always-free keyboard with a paid theme store and paid cloud syncing before SwiftKey and the rest of the field headed that direction. So, even if you have the possibility to pay for premium themes, you also have the option to upload your own background image and simply make your own for free.

With TouchPal Keyboard you can easily input Emoji, GIFs, Emoticons and smileys anywhere you want, you have the chance to choose from 400+ Colorful Themes available or create your own theme, enjoy customizable keyboard color, wallpaper and layout and select one of the no less than 97 languages supported.

Naturally, this keyboard will also autocorrect and predict words as they are typed, but I must tell you that prediction is far less intrusive than it happens with so many other apps of its kind: you can actually type what you want instead of what the app thinks that you have in mind. TouchPal is now available on Android Wear and the best part is that the TouchPal for Wear version can run independently even without having a phone connected.

And I have to tell you the fact that the dialogue between the developers and the beta community is one of a kind, making many of the changes that the users are asking for such as swiping from the backspace to delete the last word, or swiping the space bar up to access the emoji drawer, which supports system emoji and now emoji art and emoticons.

So, you should also grab TouchPal Keyboard from here and if you want to keep on exploring, other possible options are Go Keyboard – if you want a totally different experience than the one that you have with your current stock option, Minuum Keyboard – this is the ideal little keyboard for those with big fingers, as well as BlackBerry Priv’s Keyboard which can be taken on any Android Device – notice that this one comes with a very accurate text prediction and it also makes typing faster than ever by swiping up on the predicted words presented on the keyboard.

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