How to join Alto’s Adventure

Have you played Alto’s Adventure game up to now? It’s a beautiful game with simple controls that might become addictive in a short while after giving it a try. You play as Alto, who has to snowboard the side of a mountain to collect all of his runaway llamas, dodging boulders and jumping over chasms as he goes.

When you start out on the slopes with Alto, you can easily score plenty of points by simply performing a number of trick such as jumping on rocks or campfires and backflips (by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen). Single backflips give you no less than 10 points per flip, while rock bounces are even more spectacular and give you 80 points.

You can pull off epic stunts, pick up power-ups, and work to complete challenges to level up. If you ever get tired of these challenges, then feel free to swipe over to Zen mode and just enjoy the relaxation of sliding down the mountainside. And even if the game may be called Alto’s Adventure, don’t you imagine that he is the only playable character in your arsenal. As you play through the game, you will have the chance to unlock a total of six mountain-dwellers, each with their own unique abilities.

For example, Paz is not really a backflip master, but will pick up some serious speed on downhill runs, ice slides, and grinds. And when he’s riding a speed boost off a trick, he can demolish all manner of items for a much longer period of time than Alto. At the same time, Maya is a real surprise as it can make quick work of backflips. However, I must warn you from the start that she has some trouble with speed and chasms if she’s not coming off a trick boost.

When it comes to Tupa, let me tell you that he is definitely the wisest of Alto’s cast of characters, and by virtue of being the level 50 character unlock, he has skills stolen from each prior character. For example, he comes with Paz’s extra speed boost time, Maya’s quick flipping, not to mention the extra-special power as it relates to chasms, which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t started the game or who haven’t yet unlocked him.

And let’s not forget about Felipe and Izel, but you’ll have to discover these ones on your own! As for the recently added Photo Mode, let me tell you that this is your chance to frame the perfect shot and easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, and more – or save it to your device for later! Just enable Photo Mode from the pause menu at any time and you will see how simple it is.

And best of all, the game is totally free, so grab Alto’s Adventure from here.

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