Replace Measuring Tape with Measure – quick, everyday measurements

Have you ever heard of Measure – quick, everyday measurements? It’s a handy app even if you want to replace the measuring tape and still get everyday measurements around the house or office.

If you want to use it, you can get an approximate idea of any devices size and even if you can’t actually expect high accuracy from Google Measure app, however, it’s ideal when you don’t have a physical tape to measure something.

You are free to measure the length and height of objects in the real world like the size of a rug, the width of a cabinet, or the height of a table and then, to make it easy, save photos of your measurements for later. Just note that this app supports ARCore compatible Android devices and can easily work with Android 7 and above.

If you meet these requirements, nothing stops you from following the below steps:

Detailed procedure:

  1. First of all, download Measure – quick, everyday measurements from PlayStore;
  2. Once you download the app, you can tap on the three-dot button for settings;
  3. Now, you may change the units of Imperial or Metric;
  4. When you open the app, the app will scan for the flat surfaces as floor or table top to measure. You can see the white dot pattern on the surface, where the Measure app can use to measure the length and height;
  5. You must now move your camera around the object in a different angle to get a good understanding about the object that Google Measure is going to scan. The Google Measure app will be ready once you see the patter over the surface;
  6. Then, you may drag the starting point and ending point of the surface you want to measure;
  7. Once you fix both ends on the required spot, Google Measure app will show you the approximate dimension between the start and end points you selected with a blue line mark;
  8. Once you measure the width of the object, you can move the start and end position of the blue line to measure the height too. You can take a picture of the measured object with the camera icon above.

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