Flash ZTE Axon 7 Camera Port on Android Nougat Devices

ZTE is proud about its most popular phone of 2016 – the Axon 7. Is this device siting into your pocket as well? I can only say that you were wise for taking such a decision and it’s easily one of the best ways to spend around $400 on a smartphone at the beginning of this year. Anyway, I know that not all of you are ZTE Axon 7 owners, but what if you want a piece of it too?

If you have a rooted Android device with a custom recovery, you are definitely on the right track. I am saying that as long as you can now flash the ZTE Axon 7 Camera Port on any of your current Android Nougat devices. Be careful about this aspect! The app that I am telling you about only supports Nougat based ROMs. Any confusion at this chapter could result into damaging your phone, so don’t say that you have not been warned!

And since you never know what might happen, you should also take a nandroid backup before flashing the below file. Do I have to remind you that a simple mistake could cost you the life of your precious device?

However, if you are careful enough and know what you are doing, your wish will come true even if there is no ZTE Camera app in the Play Store. This time we have a flashable zip file for Android Nougat, compiled by the XDA member lian00 and it works great, so here’s what you must do in order to take the ZTE Axon 7 Camera Port on your Android Nougat device.

Detailed Procedure on how to Flash the ZTE Axon 7 Camera Port:

  1. Take the ZTE Camera.zip to your PCz: zte_camera_zip_2.zip from here;
  2. Then, copy zte_camera_zip_2.zip to the root directory of your phone’s SD Card;
  3. Reboot your device into the recovery mode;
  4. Choose the Install option;
  5. Find the zip file that you have just copied;
  6. Swipe right to Install;
  7. Wait for the process to finish;
  8. Wipe system and dalvik cache;
  9. Reboot your device.

Your smartphone might take longer than usual to reboot, but don’t worry about that. Once it starts, you can find the ZTE Camera app inside your app drawer. Isn’t this just perfect?

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