How to Decrease your Galaxy S8 Resolution

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest flagship device released by the popular South Korean manufacturer, and as it’s only a few months old, you’re probably not expecting to have any issues with it. Well, guess again! As you can see, I am talking about that battery life that causes trouble to all of us! Galaxy’s S8 Resolution might be one of the key-solutions of this problem, then you must decrease it!

Samsung had introduced the Galaxy S8 with a fullHD (2220 x 1080, because of its 18.5:9 aspect ratio) resolution set as default. Are you confused by that? Well, I totally get you, considering that the device sports a 2960 x 1440 Infinity display.

This isn’t at all a bad decision coming Samsung, especially with the company letting you to up the resolution on the Galaxy S8 through settings; so even though the device’s default resolution is 2220 x 1080, you can increase that way up to 2960 x 1440, if you want to. However, the more pixels your phone has to render, the more taxing it will be on your CPU and GPU, especially when it comes to gaming. But it you adjust the resolution down, you should be able to get slightly smoother gameplay, not to mention that this is one of the best ideas that can offer a great boost to the poor battery life.

With a 3,000 mAh battery, I’m not expecting the Galaxy S8 to offer great battery life, yet things are worse than even before. I don’t know if you agree with me, yet I find no other way than to tweak my phone’s screen resolution and make other changes in that direction too considering that I own a device that cannot even last an entire day of normal usage (well, it depends on what you think that normal usage is, but this remains a must).

How to Decrease your Galaxy S8 Resolution:

Search for Display in Settings, select the option for Screen Resolution, and move the slider to the left to decrease your resolution. Setting the display all the way down to 1480 x 720 is a way of extending your battery and a compromise that we must sometimes make.

Up to this point, even when you restart your device, it will retain the screen resolution that you have chosen. And you can come back here any time you want to make a change and enjoy it! After all, you don’t have to be a power-conscious user all the time.

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This handset that you own is an amazing one, so don’t forget to let us know about your experience with Samsung Galaxy S8 so far.

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