Facebook App: How to Review your Privacy

Facebook has done so much in the past few years. It has created a community dedicated to keeping in touch with the ones who matter, for sharing photos, playing and even finding love relationships most recently via the new dating service, so why not getting the best out of it? We owe it that much, don’t you think?

Fresh guides about one of your favorite apps are added every day, but this doesn’t change the reality. Facebook has never been known for prioritizing your privacy. At one point, users realized that the company had collected text messages and phone call records through smartphone apps without their consent.

I also remember Facebook giving third-party app developers access to user data three years ago or those cases with hackers gaining access and stealing personal information due to some severe security breaches. Despite these repeated privacy lapses, Facebook does offer a fairly robust set of tools to control who knows what about you.

Facebook’s steps to ensure user privacy

Users can control the data they share and with whom. They can also check which apps they’ve let creep on their Facebook account. Over the years you’ve used Facebook, you’ve probably given various apps permission to tap into its data trove. And I get you. It just seemed like a way to share photos more easily, or find friends across the world.

Who knows how these things changed over time? It’s a good idea to visit the Privacy Shortcuts page every few months or so.

The first option here is to Review a few important privacy settings under the Privacy heading. Here you may select the default audience for your posts and who can see what information on your profile. Also choose which apps can access your data and who can see them.

To revoke any of your old app permissions, go over and click the pencil. To scrap the app altogether, just hit the X. You’ll get a pop-up asking if you’re sure. Yes, you’re clearly sure. Click Remove to make it official.

Do you have any other privacy tips that we should know about? Speak up! I’m listening.

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