Track and Locate Lost or Stolen Galaxy S10 Plus Remotely

Are you the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus device? You can never be too cautious about your handset. I have received many questions regarding how to trace your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the event of losing it or even worst. So, here’s my answer to all your questions. Using Samsung Find My Mobile, you can retrieve logs of your phone and unlock it remotely.

You can also choose to display a custom message on your S10 Plus phone screen. If someone gets his hands on the phone, then he can use the on-screen information to contact you. Even more, it also allows you to wipe all the data present in your phone remotely.

And if you are sure you have lost your phone somewhere around and it is on silent, you can just use the “Ring my Mobile” feature. Don’t worry, the phone will ring even if it is on Silent or Vibrate mode and you’ll be saving yourself of a lot of trouble.

As you see, Find My Mobile has a number of features that can be used remotely on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus if it is lost or stolen. This is why I can only encourage you to enable Find My Mobile in your Samsung Galaxy handset and get ready for any potential unfortunate event.

Track and Locate Lost Galaxy S10 Plus Remotely:

  1. On your Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone, swipe down from top to access Settings;
  2. Tap the Settings icon;
  3. Then, go into Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile;
  4. You may now turn on Remote Controls;
  5. You must enter the password of your Samsung account;
  6. Turn on the Remote Controls. The Remote Controls option will be grayed out if you haven’t set up the Samsung account yet;
  7. In the event something bad happens, your first step is to prepare a computer and go to Find My Mobile;
  8. Sign in with your Samsung account;
  9. When you see Locate My Mobile page, select your Galaxy S10 Plus to find the handset.

I hope this guide helped you to track and locate your smartphone.

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