Learn to Clear Apps Data on LG V20

The app cache stores various elements of apps or websites, so they can be loaded quickly when you want to use them. App Data refers to both the cache and other pieces of saved information, like your log-in and preference settings within the app itself. In apps such as Google Maps or Chrome, this cached data can really start to eat away at your available storage on the device, not to mention the errors that mighr appear with a certain app.

You know that the procedure of clearing the cache should be good enough to solve the problem of the app. If this doesn’t happen, then you can go further by also clearing the app data. The process is pretty similar enough but in this case, you will erase the whole data regarding the app, giving you the fresh start that you are looking for on your LG V20.

Note that you should better back up the data of the troubled app before you clear app data. By doing that, you can have it back and resume your work it without have to build the whole thing once more.

Learn to Clear Apps Data on LG V20:

  1. First of all, switch on the LG V20 smartphone;
  2. Go to the Settings application on your LG V20;
  3. On the settings, tap General > Apps;
  4. Swipe left to All column in order to view the whole app in your phone;
  5. Locate the troubled app and tap on it;
  6. A new page will appear that show everything about the app. Find the Storage option and tap on it;
  7. Tap the option that says Clear Data;
  8. Restart the phone to maintain the change up to this point.

I want to remind you that there are apps on the Google Play store that can perform this function for you, but constantly clearing your cache isn’t likely to give you the speed boost they all promise.

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