Allow Others to Safely Use your LG G5

How to take care of my Android sensitive data? This is a pretty general question especially these days when storing sensitive data on the device has become something regular. Normally, the Android OS prohibits apps from accessing each other’s files through proven Linux file permissions. However, you must keep in mind that on rooted devices an application can obtain root access and read everything.

And if your LG G5 – this is the handset that I am talking about – has super sensitive data (e.g. credit cards or passwords), then remember that handing off your phone to someone else can turn into a challenge. No, I am not here to tell you that the best option is to never store your personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers, on the phone. In fact, there really aren’t a lot of places you can store information on an Android device. The possibilities are to store the information in a sqlite database, or in the device’s keystore and you can even let other to safely use your LG G5 without worrying that they might find out or see too much.

And I am not only talking about friends and family members. Let’s just say that a random stranger asks you to borrow your LG G5 smartphone to make a quick call. Have you ever been in such a position? Is it polite to decline? You know the answer to that, but what guarantee do you have that the person supposedly looking for help is not actually a thief, taking advantage of your now unlocked smartphone and all your private data as well?

Screen pin is a new feature that lets you lock your LG G5 phone to one app. To be more precise, you can easily “pin” a specific app so the user can’t do anything else, just as you can find here:

How to Allow Others to Safely Use your LG G5:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Enter into Fingerprints & security;
  3. Then, find your way to Screen pin;
  4. Toggle the switch on;
  5. Also toggle Pin with screen lock on;
  6. To use Screen pin open the app you would like to pin, just press the Recents button that can be found in the nav bar;
  7. Up next, scroll up and tap the thumbtack icon in the bottom right corner of the most recent app;
  8. If you want to unpin an app, you must only long-press the back and Recents buttons simultaneously.

As for me, despite of the fact that I may seem like a cold-hearted person, I never let any stranger borrow my precious Android phone. The truth is that my phone contains too much private information for me to risk it, but I have to do it sometimes, when it comes to my acquaintances.

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