Learn to Turn Off Galaxy S10E Adaptive Battery

I bet that you know the story too. As a reminder, Adaptive Battery leverages DeepMind artificial intelligence to analyze how you tend to use your apps. Then the system adjusts the amount of resources — like battery — available to the app. App Standby Buckets are how the system categorizes apps. Well, it can place an app into one of five categories; Active, Working set, Frequent, Rare and a special Never bucket and act accordingly.

At the same time, Adaptive Battery restricts how apps run jobs and trigger some sort of alarms. Jobs and Alarms are requests apps make that wake up the device. These are things like a request from Facebook to check for notifications and a subsequent request to notify the user. The point is that if you enable Adaptive Battery on your galaxy S10E, your phone will prevent apps from sucking your battery while you’re not using them.

You are supposed not to lose any functionality or miss notifications, either, as Adaptive Battery is as it claims to be – adaptive. It will keep learning and keep making your phone more battery efficient as you keep using your apps, or at least this happens in theory. I don’t want to be mean or nothing, but S10E users have seen that the feature is delaying notifications too frequently to ignore it.

Is this happening to you as well? So, I bet that there is no joy into using it in such conditions. Your question might now be: what can you do about it? There is no trick to change that, but you may decide to turn it off and keep on living as you normally would.

Learn to Turn Off Galaxy S10E Adaptive Battery:

  1. To start the procedure, you must first head to your phone’s main settings menu;
  2. Next, you have to scroll down and tap Device care;
  3. Then, tap Battery;
  4. Hit the three-dot menu button;
  5. Up next, hit Settings;
  6. Finally, you must tap the toggle next to Adaptive battery in order to turn it off.

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