Learn More about Multitasking on Galaxy S9

Multitasking on a smartphone has never been better than it is now, but it still has some ways to go to compete with a desktop experience. Samsung hopes to change that with a new multitasking view on its latest Galaxy S9 which lets the users to open notifications in a smaller window on top of the app they are currently using.

At the same time, Samsung has been offering a Multi Window mode for several generations now, and the Galaxy S9 handset takes full advantage of the feature.

The easiest way to enter Multi Window mode is by long-pressing the Recents key while within an app. However, in order to do that, you’ll have to first enable the feature from the settings:

Learn More about Multitasking on Galaxy S9 (method 1):

  1. Open Settings from the app drawer or home screen;
  2. Then, you have to navigate to Advanced features;
  3. Tap Multi window;
  4. Now, you must toggle the Use Recents button. If you’re new to Android, then let me tell you that this brings up a list of all the apps you’ve recently used;
  5. Hit the Use Recents button;
  6. Select the view you’d like to use with Multi Window.

Apart from the now standard multi-window feature, this phone will let you open an app on top of another app. Going by the name of Pop-up View, is not at all complicated to use it:

Learn More about Multitasking on Galaxy S9 (method 2):

  1. To enable this cool feature, head over to Settings;
  2. Go to Advanced Features > Multi window;
  3. Here you must toggle the switch for Pop-up view action;
  4. Now, all you need to do is swipe diagonally from the corner of the screen;
  5. At that point, the currently-open app will slide into a small window;
  6. At the same time, you can work on your other apps. You can interact with the app in question with the previous application waiting patiently underneath;
  7. Then, you can easily close the mini-window with a tap. After that, the S9 returns focus to the app the you were using before, which is an improvement over having to swap between apps.

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