Go Wireless on Pixel 3 XL with Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation

The Pixel 3 XL supports wireless charging, a first for the Pixel phones and Google obviously took the opportunity to make its own special stand-up charger called the Pixel Stand. When you place your Pixel 3 XL on the charger, a new UI comes up on the phone’s display, revealing important information like your schedule, traffic info, or the latest news and not only.

It also has an ambient lighting that mimics sunrise before your alarm rings (at night, it is switched to the “do not disturb” feature). And it even displays photos from your Google Photos account, making it some sort of a smart picture frame. So, the Pixel Stand is more than a Qi-compatible wireless charger for your device as it also does some fancy things when the phone is docked into it, but none of these features can match what the Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation can offer.

If you’re curious about using it and have a Pixel 3 XL phone, you will see how wireless charging actually becomes wireless as there’s no wire running to the charger itself this time. This portable battery pack that supports wireless charging will definitely surprise you and you will see that nothing feels better than the true wireless power.

Use the dedicated USB-C input port to recharge the PowerStation wireless portable battery up to 67% faster than micro USB input ports or go even further and charge not one, but two devices at once using wireless charging and the high-output USB-A port. After all, the Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation is especially made for Qi-enabled smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices, so I am sure that you have at least one other device standing in line for a charge.

If you agree with me on that and going wireless is even more important, then Mophie’s Powerstation waits for you.
Yes, I am aware of the fact that its price of $80 is significantly higher than that of other top wireless chargers, but can you really put a price on what it has to offer?

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