Learn to Control HDR+ on Google Pixel 3

We’ve known for some time that the latest version of the Google Camera app would bring a lot of UI changes, but now that the Pixel 3 is finally in our hands, we know exactly what has changed. In order to compensate the lack of a 2 or even 3-lens camera system, Google added a Visual Core chip to the hardware, making it easy to conceptualize advanced A.I powered photography techniques with HDR mode.

With a combination of burst-photos, corrected exposure, less noise, and an improved dynamic range, this camera is a real beast. And Pixel 3’s HDR+ is the smart combination and splicing of multiple frames of the same shot, exposed at different values. By implementing natural elements like high contrast, sunlight, and movement with the use of an ND filter and Moment lens, you can finally forget all about the old point-and-shoot DSLR.

To put in much simple, HDR increases the Dynamic Range (High Dynamic Range) – the difference between details in the darkest parts of the picture and not washing out in the brightest parts, while HDR+ is the same thing, but at a much larger range. So, most of the time, you’ll most likely leave HDR+ on.

This is exactly the way the Camera app behaves out of the box. And besides this one, there’s another mode, called HDR+ Enhanced that easily combines Google’s computational photography with a standard HDR system that physically snaps a couple separate images seconds apart. What more could you ask for?

Learn to Control HDR+ on Google Pixel 3:

  1. Open the Camera app;
  2. Now, it’s time to tap Settings;
  3. Tap Advanced;
  4. Toggle HDR+ Control. This will add an HDR+ button above the viewfinder in the camera app, allowing you to turn HDR+ off,  or to use HDR+ Enhanced instead;
  5. Return to the viewfinder;
  6. You can now tap the newly-added HDR+ button;
  7. Tap HDR+ Enhanced to try the mode;
  8. From now on you’ll have to manually enable or disable HDR+ or HDR+ Enhanced whenever you wish to use the two modes.

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