Learn to Read SMS from Android Phone on Windows 10

As many of you already know, earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled Timeline. This is a special Windows 10 feature that kept track of which files and webpages you were accessing and when, so you could trace your digital steps and find what you were looking for. Now, Microsoft has just released another interesting update for Windows 10 and I am sure that you will love to hear what the company has to offer this time.

Believe it or not, the headlining feature is an app called Your Phone that lets you read your Android phone’s text messages and view your Android phone’s photos from your Windows 10 PC.

What I love about it is the fact that it works over Wi-Fi, therefore you don’t need to have your phone plugged in to your computer to make it happen. However, in order to enjoy it, I must warn you that your phone needs to be running Android 7.0 or up.

If this isn’t a problem and you have just installed the October update, then you have to update the app before using it. You also need to have the companion app on your Android and iPhone so that it can sync to your PC. Here you can find all the necessary details and help that you might need:

Learn to Read SMS from Android Phone on Windows 10:

  1. In order to update “Your Phone” app on the PC, make sure that you are logged into your PC using your Microsoft account;
  2. Then, click on the Start button;
  3. Type Your Phone and hit enter to launch the app;
  4. If updates are available, the app will direct you to Windows Store to install the update;
  5. Proceed when you see the Get Started button on the Your Phone app;
  6. Now, launch the Play Store as you need to grab the Your Phone Companion app;
  7. Then, you must login to the same Microsoft Account as you use on your PC;
  8. Grant access to the various permissions asked by the app;
  9. Do not hesitate to confirm the pairing request for your PC by tapping Allow on the notification received;
  10. At this point, the setup is done. It will take a few moments for the app to start showing your text messages on your PC. You can finally read and respond to text messages on the PC, as well as to see recent photos from your Android phone on your Windows 10 PC or even receive notifications on the PC for new text messages.

Besides that, Microsoft recently teased another forthcoming feature. It seems that at some point, you’ll be able to mirror your Android phone to your PC‘s desktop in order to have the freedom to use any app without leaving your keyboard. Interesting idea, don’t you think?

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