How to Fix Apps Opening Too Slow on the Xiaomi Poco F1

The POCO F1 from Xiaomi has been the surprise release of 2018. This phone comes with the best hardware configuration that simply let you keep up the pace with everything and it is quite cheap. Yes, it’s definitely more affordable than any other flagship with similar features. That’s why I love it and people all over the world feel the same. However, don’t expect to be getting perfection!

There is nothing to worry in case you face small issues while using. It can happen with any user of any smartphone. Thus, if you have plans to buy this phone, you can simply go ahead without worrying about anything. And if you already have it and feel that there’s something going on with the apps opening too slow, let’s take a closer look at that.

If the apps on your phone are opening slower than they used to, don’t imagine the worst. There are a number of steps, from easy to advanced, that you can take to get things working again. Yes, you can get your phone apps running back at full speed.

How to Fix Apps opening slowly on Xiaomi Poco F1:

  • First of all some apps by their nature open slowly. This is normal to happen for large graphics intensive games and apps such as Youtube. Don’t look for problems where they aren’t in the first place;
  • If you are sure that you are not imagining things, then you can move on. Regardless of your experience level, this step is easy to follow. If every app is opening too slow, then you need to restart your device. Services can run fresh after that and maybe the error will be gone too;
  • If some of your apps have too much data, this is the result. The more your servers have to load, the longer they will take. But this does not mean that you can simply chomp down on the data and make your app leaner. Data compression might be the key and lead to accelerating the app’s speed, so give it a try;
  • It’s a good practice to make sure your Poco F1 phone is up to date. If your applications are running on older versions of software and frameworks, or if you haven’t updated to newer versions in a while, do that now. New versions come with enhanced capabilities and higher compatibilities, so you have nothing to lose;
  • Enter into Settings > Apps to see all the apps installed on your Poco handset. When you find an app that you don’t recognize, uninstall or disable it. You can also use Files by Google to identify unused apps on your phone, and delete them as needed;
  • You can also install lightweight versions of some of your apps. That’s a bit of a compromise, I know it, but at least it brings up the changes that you want. Facebook comes with a lightweight version of its app that works just as well while utilizing a fraction of the resources of the full-fledged app. Give Facebook Lite a go and remember that this is just an example;
  • If you’re still having issues, remember that there aren’t any problems that cannot be solved. Go on and wipe your Xiaomi Poco F1 and start from a new device. Yes, that’s the solution when anything else fails to work.

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