How to Unlock the Exclusive Galaxy Skin in Fortnite

In August, Samsung announced that with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Epic Games would also be launching the Fortnite Beta for Android. Those who preordered the new smartphone between August 10th and August 23rd were given a special offer that included the option to choose enjoy an exclusive galaxy Fortnite skin, but even if the offer is expired, there is still another way for players to unlock this special cosmetic item.

Epic Games confirmed that all Galaxy Note 9 would receive an exclusive ‘Galaxy’ skin. The skin itself is pretty sweet. Your character is covered in stars and special artifacts from outer space. For that to be possible, you need to download and install the Fortnite Installer from Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store and not Epic Games’ website – this is essential.

And even if Samsung is making it clear that the skin can only be unlocked once per device and you cannot log into a friends phone to unlock the skin, this isn’t a tragedy.

How to Unlock the Exclusive Galaxy Skin in Fortnite:

  1. On your Note 9, download the Shop Samsung app and log into it using your Samsung account;
  2. Install it right away;
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions to finish installing the game;
  4. Tap on the Menu button in the top-left corner;
  5. Then, navigate to My Inbox;
  6. For those who have already registered for the Fortnite bundle, tap View My Status and skip the next two steps;
  7. If you haven’t registered for the bundle yet, go through the process of checking to see if your device is eligible and submit the Fortnite bundle as your pick;
  8. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email directing you back to the app to claim your items;
  9. You should now see a button labelled Redeem Game Bundle, so just tap it;
  10. On the following screen, log into your Epic Games account;
  11. You must now grant the Shop Samsung app permission to access your Epic Games account;
  12. After that, exit the Shop Samsung app and launch Fortnite.

If prompted, log in using the same Epic Games account you used in the last step, otherwise, you’ll be greeted with a notification congratulating you for unlocking Fortnite bundle, including the Galaxy Skin.

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