Get Money for your old Android Phone

Are you prepared to offload your old phone for a new one? Is not always simple to figure out what to do the Android handset that you once loved. It is your choice to keep it around as a spare just in case, or pass it on to a family member or friend. Or, you could get some money for your old Android phone.

Prices depend on the phone, carrier and condition, not to mention that if you’ve kept the original packaging and chords that will almost certainly help selling your device even faster. This might take time, I know it, but never throw old phones away. Get rid of them as you know better, but never in the trash can – you don’t want to be the one responsible for toxic chemicals leaching into the land.

Most resellers will take old electronics off your hands, as well as chargers and all.

Get Money for your old Android Phone:

  • At first, a private buyer could be the ideal option for you. In case of knowing the person, the trust issues are gone from the start, therefore things work in your favor and it the buyer’s favor as well;
  • Trading in the phone with your current carrier or with the vendor won’t work if you’re switching to an unlocked device, but it is perfect if such a handset is not what you have in mind. Just think twice of this option before saying that it is not what you are looking for;
  • You could also try out Craigslist or eBay, but be careful about the fact that it takes more time and there’s higher risk of buyers changing their mind. What I like though is the fact that between Paypal and Ebay, the payment system is very robust and secure, so you won’t need to worry about legitimacy concerns when you’re selling;
  • Remember that Amazon sells pretty much anything, which is why its trade-in program is a great option for such cases;
  • Another efficient ways to sell your old phone is through a recycling service, the most commonly known ones being none other than Mazuma and Envirophone. The process to send your phone to any of them is very easy, and you’ll get a pretty good price for your handset, not to mention the advantage of knowing your Android device passed on to another person, or disposed of in an environmental fashion.

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