Install SOSP Custom ROM as Magisk Module on any Android device

Of all the ways to root an Android phone, Magisk is definitely the very best option you can find. This is a systemless method, therefore it doesn’t actually change Android’s system partition. Speaking of that, SOSP is a custom ROM which can be installed on top of your current ROM in the form of a Magisk Module, adding so many features you could only dream of.

It is compatible with devices with a Snapdragon 835 or a newer Snapdragon SoC. And note from the start that it can never be installed on top of highly modified ROMs such as EMUI, MIUI, or Oxygen OS. Custom ROMs with a lot of built-in features like Resurrection Remix are not suitable either.

So, bottom line, the SOSP ROM works best when installed on top of the stock ROM on Pixel devices or an AOSP ROM on other devices. And those of you owning a handset running a stock version of Android, such as an Android One device can also give it a try.

Full Google Apps for custom ROMs (OpenGApps Aroma or Super) and Magisk are a must too, so take care of all these requirements from the very start.

Install SOSP Custom ROM as Magisk Module on your Android:

  1. First of all, you need to download SOSP right away;
  2. You may now launch the Magisk Manager app;
  3. Then, from the side menu drawer, navigate to the Modules section;
  4. Tap on the + button at the bottom and select the downloaded module;
  5. Wait for it to install;
  6. Then, tap on the Reboot button;
  7. Be careful about something: installing the mod will hide your device’s navigation, but the developer recommends installing Fluid Navigation Gestures to solve the problem. Let me just tell you one more thing about this app. There are two main gestures: Quick swipe and Swipe & Hold which can trigged from the bottom or side edges of the screen. The side triggers are only available on the bottom half of the screen, letting you still access other app side menus.

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