Fresh Google Camera for your Asus Zenfone Max M2

The Zenfone Max M2 might come with an awesome display and Snapdragon 632 at a very affordable price, but there’s no real joy in the camera department. On paper, the 13MP and 2MP mix for the rear camera appears to be promising. However, no one was impressed in reality. That’s why you will be glad to hear about the Google Camera for the Zenfone Max M2 device.

The person who started this port craze is known as B-S-G, a Ukranian developer who only posts on 4PDA. Now, an XDA Senior member, ashu7073 ported the Google Camera for Asus Zenfone Max M2 which brings the two features you crave for: HDR+ and Night Sight. Google Camera’s software HDR+ changes the game entirely. While HDR+ on this device, you will see a big difference in the level of contrast ratio to differentiate objects from the background.

As for Night Sight, it is already praised by the Android enthusiast community and for a good reason. Your Night Sight photos won’t simply brighten the conventional images you are used to, but they will also clean up a ton of ugly noise.

Besides these, you can clearly enjoy Camera (HDR+, ZSL, flash, zoom, raw, etc on back camera), Video (at 1080p), Portrait Mode, Panorama, as well as Photo Sphere, but don’t leave aside the issues. As it usually happens with ported APKs, this app is reported to have some bugs in it. This includes Slow motion, EIS, video focus and Auto Flash may do problem sometimes. And Night sight will work, but only once Android Pie is out.

The ported application which packs the Google Camera is waiting for you

So, it’s time to act fast! Your Asus Zenfone Max M2 with HDR+ and Night Sight would do a much better job. Just grab the GCam 6.1 Port for Asus Zenfone Max M2 and the APK installation process is pretty simple.

Just install it as you would do with any other APK. Then, you have to grant the required permissions. Now, be sure of the fact that it will not affect your device in any means. No matter what happens, you still have your phone’s stock camera app which you can use as well.

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