One of the Older eBook Reader Apps for your Quiet Afternoons: Aldiko Book Reader

These days, eBook reader apps have replaced conventional printed books. Now you can simply read your favorite book on your Android by downloading apps and I not here to tell you about your eyes health. Your eyes could end up burning, itchy, and tired. It’s a common condition related to smartphone addiction though, but a little reading cannot hurt you.

Many of the eBook apps even provide hundreds of free books. You just have to search for a book of your choice and start reading it right away. Don’t you know what to choose for your quit afternoons? I might be able to help you out with that. Aldiko Book Reader is one of the older eBook reader apps worthy of your attention.

A number of 30+ million users from more than 200 countries makes a statement in its own, but the decision is all yours. Always keep that in mind!

Aldiko Book Reader and its charm

Aldiko Book Reader features support for EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks as well as eBook support for library books on rental. The app also comes with a clean, if not even antiquated interface, but it is a part of its charm, you know. And with all those customization options, phone and tablet support, and global text searches inside of books you cannot feel that you are using an outdated app whatsoever.

The free version comes with ads. The paid version does not. This is something that might natter to you. And the premium one has highlights, as well as notes, book cover editing, home widget, import and export annotations features, unlimited number of audio books on personal bookshelf, and faster updates.

Which of these two is your choice? You may download Aldiko Book Reader from Google Play right away.

Have you experienced any problem with the app? I certainly hope that you haven’t, but if something bad happens, bring it to a mobile expert like us. We may be able to help you. The comments area is waiting for you and so is the Contact form.

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