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The idea of mobile live-streaming was a success – we can all see that from Periscope and even YouTube. At that time, Facebook was already quietly working on a special method to let public figures broadcast live videos to their fans with the help of an app and that’s not all! It seems that just a few days ago, Facebook piloted a similar platform for people who have gone through the social network’s verification process.

What exactly Live Streaming on Facebook means? Just like it happens with the videos that automatically play as you scroll through them on your news feed, live-streamed videos will start playing as you see them. However there is a difference that you should know about: these videos “show” something that is happening right now rather than a video sequence that has been filmed in the past.

Facebook wants to give both individuals and companies a new way to market themselves and appeal to an audience that may want to watch them live. The video can be filmed from any Android device which is compatible with the old “Facebook Mentions” app that I’ve told you about in the beginning and which makes it easy for public figures everywhere to talk with their fans and each other on the go.

On December 4th when Facebook piloted its live streaming feature, in order to allow verified pages to use it.
If you manage a page on Facebook, it’s not very hard to verify it. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page;
  2. From General, click Page Verification;
  3. Click Verify this Page;
  4. After that, click Get Started;
  5. Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language;
  6. Click Call Me Now to let Facebook to call you with a verification code;
  7. Enter the 4-digit verification code;
  8. Then, just click Continue.

However, if you are running a business page, then the verification process is more complicated if you uploaded the papers you used to incorporate. After Facebook receives your verification code or business document, it will review your info to confirm that it matches public records and send you a notification or email about your verification status in a couple of days.

At the moment, Facebook is only allowing certain pages to use its new feature due to limitations of infrastructure and bandwidth and due to the fact that the feature is still in its “alpha” phase. Users who tested live streaming on Facebook have reported numerous bugs, but let’s hope that the platform’s idea won’t be abandoned.

What do you think? Are you interested about using such a feature? Should Facebook’s live streaming be available to everyone? Let me know what you are thinking in the comments section!

Here’s what else you can do in order to have the best Facebook experience possible:

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