How to Use Pinko for APUS Launcher

Is APUS Launcher the best option for you device? I know that it is incredibly clean and simple to use, that it automatically sorts your apps on the home screen by category to quickly and conveniently find the apps you want, not to mention that you can always type in the search bar or swipe up in home screen to instantly find apps for your device, search the web, and play with fun games and apps. However, this might not be enough.

Are you wondering which themes are the best for your APUS launcher? Which ones will really make your phone look sharp and complement this launcher better? As you can already see, I couldn’t stay aside, but I actually did some digging and picked a great theme you might want to try.

I get your confusion since there are so many third-party themes out there, but I am sure that you should use Pinko for your APUS Launcher and you won’t regret it, not even for a second.

Pinko has been an Android favorite for a long time thanks to minimalist icons with high attention to detail. To be more precise, Pinko does its magical trick and turns all your apps into circles which have all been colored and designed with care.

The first thing that you’ll notice about Pinko is that it has abandoned the glimmer and sparkling idea of standing out. The dialer app looks like the mouthpiece of an old-fashioned telephone, and the messaging and all apps icons are just groups of circles, yet this is exactly what many users want and I am one of them too.

Sometimes, returning to the roots is the best option. And I want to add the fact that it doesn’t make the interface look a whole lot different, and it doesn’t use any fancy animations, it just creates an almost retro style which looks more sophisticated than you might be expecting.

If you agree with me and think that a retro option rules, then you have only one thing left to do: just access this Google Play link to take Pinko for APUS Launcher.

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