Welcome to the Wonderful World of Third-party Launchers with Yahoo Aviate Launcher

One of the most simple, yet efficient ways to customize your Android smartphone is to install a launcher. All current devices (phones) come with a launcher, which is the interface through which users interact with their phone’s apps and customize their home screens. HTC phones delight us with their Sense Home, Samsung has its TouchWiz launcher, LG simply calls its launcher the Home launcher, and Pixel phones use the Pixel Launcher and they are all different.

If you’re ready to jump into the wonderful world of third-party launchers, I couldn’t agree with you more. Why settling for something good, when you could enjoy something amazing?

If you want to let your launcher do the organizational work for you, then you must give a try to Aviate, the launcher that Yahoo acquired a while ago. Aviate adapts to your schedule and your locations to arrange the apps and widgets it considers you need right now. In fact, Yahoo Aviate Launcher brings a ton of thoughtful features, along with some additional tweaks that you even might not even expect getting from a custom launcher.

The more you explore it, the more features you’ll find. With Yahoo Aviate installed and activated, you’re basically greeted with a new and simple home screen with ten app icons at the bottom. You can change the set of home screen icons and then, swipe once right to left brings up App Collections, or themed sets of apps, which Activate itself creates for you in the first place. These include apps for productivity, music, entertainment, and so on.

At the bottom of this screen you can find an option to create your own App Collection if you want so. You can change the order of Collections by pressing and holding one, and then dragging and dropping it. Swiping from left to right from the home page brings you to a Space.

Don’t you know what this means? Well, Spaces are context-sensitive screens of apps and widgets. For example, for the Work Space, you start by setting your office location and Aviate will immediately pull up a traffic report when you’re on your way to work. A shortcut to your Work space remains on the home screen while you and your phone are physically at the office, therefore being ideal for people who work in an office during regular hours.

As I have told you from the start, the launcher grows accustomed to your schedule and will create personalized items to match your needs while you’re at home, on the way to something, or at work. The idea is that at different moments we want to access different apps, and Aviate will bring them up depending on where you are at a given moment. And let me just add that besides English, the app supports French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Bahasa, and Russian.

I think that Aviate Launcher is incredibly well designed, therefore an amazing launcher app for anyone looking to simplify their Android experience. Yahoo Aviate Launcher can be grabbed form here right away.

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