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WhatsApp is a very popular messaging service, being one of the very few non-Google apps to hit the 1 billion download mark on Google Play. It’s obviously that many of use are using this app and messaging service, but are you aware of all its advantages?

I know that WhatsApp offers us various spam-solving measures for a very long time, but there’s more at this chapter. For example, you have the possibility to block people from messaging you when you noticed something wrong about them or when they are bothering you in one way or another.

Phone numbers blocked by several users are then temporarily or permanently banned from using the service for bothering other people, but now it seems that WhatsApp comes with some important changes such as reporting spam.

The change that I am talking about has been noticed somewhere between version 2.12.12 and 2.12.30. To be more precise, In WhatsApp version 2.12.12 or higher when you get a message from a phone number that isn’t in your contacts list, you will now see two boxes with different options to choose from. I am talking about:

  • to report it as spam and block it – it’s true that the blocking feature has existed before, but I cannot say the same thing about reporting users as spam as this option is new to the application;
  • or to add it to your phonebook – you can also choose to add the contact if this is somebody you know and you want to keep in touch with.

This option will allow WhatsApp to filter out as many phone numbers as possible that are considered spam from their servers permanently. This is part of the new Material Design WhatsApp, which can be grabbed from the company’s official site.

However, if you don’t want to report a person as spam and the situation is a different one for you, then there is another option for you: you can choose to only block it. This option can be found under More in the overflow menu on the top right, just as before and it still shows up above the conversation when you’ve replied to the unknown sender but still haven’t saved their number. So, the option to only block certain contact is still there, but slightly hidden.

As for the feature’s availability, as I have told you, I have reasons to believe that it was added in either v2.12.12 or 2.12.30. However, the version that’s on Google Play is 2.12.5, and not the most recent version, but if you want, feel free to check out WhatsApp’s website and take one of the more recent versions, including the new Material design version of the app which has a beautiful look and plenty of interesting changes that you’ll most likely love from the start (also read: Get Material Design WhatsApp on Android).

Have you downloaded it? Let us know by using the comments area from below.

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