Fix No Vibration When Receiving Notifications on HTC One M9

HTC One M9 managed to capture my attention thanks to its power-packed hardware configuration and refined look and I’m not the only one in this position, but don’t be fooled by appearances. The device is a high-end one, but this doesn’t change the fact that there are various problems being faced by the HTC One M9 users in the last few weeks. Here I want to talk about one of the most common ones: the fact that the vibration motor on the HTC One M9 device is no longer working, with no vibration when receiving notifications.

So, there are several HTC One M9 users who have reported that the vibration motor is not working with notification alerts, despite of the fact that the option is definitelly enabled in the device’s settings menu. If you are one of them as well, then you already know how annoying this might be, so it’s time to take action.

I want to tell you from the start that there is a temporarily solution for the problem; to be more specific, slightly tapping the right edge of the device on the back will solve the issue, but the vibration motor will stop working soon after. In such conditions, you have to look for another solution and I am here to help you:

How to Fix Vibration motor One M9 Issues:

  1. First of all, I advise you to run a vibration motor test; in order to do that, do not hesitate to call *#*#3424#*#* and then tap on Accept;
  2. Now, you must check if the vibration motor is functional or not. If the vibration motor is indeed responding, then let it run for a while, up to an hour, and this should fix the problems that you are experiencing;
  3. Have you been successful? I really hope that the procedure worked for you as well, but if the vibration motor does not work even after doing that, then the only solution left is to send the HTC One M9 device in for repair or to ask for a replacement as soon as possible.

I know that the unofficial operations are more than tempting, so that is why I recommend reading the guide on How to restore the warranty of your phone and avoid paying for the repairing procedure.

Speaking of such procedures, here you can find various guides for your One M9 smartphone such as:

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