Make Passwords Visible when Typing on Galaxy S9

People often come into the situation that you have to enter your password on the Samsung Galaxy S9 handset, whether on websites, in e-mail accounts, certain games and so on. Unfortunately, the more complicated a password is (and I bet that many of your passwords are indeed complicated ones because you care about keeping things safe), the more difficult it will be for you to type it without any typo.

And if you also take in consideration that the keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can be imprecise, therefore it is very helpful if you can make the password you enter visible. Yes, with the right setting, you can make your passwords visible as you type them.

That’s precisely the name of the option that I have in mind for you today – I am talking about “Make passwords visible” on Samsung Galaxy S9 and here’s what you must do, with a quick mention before following the steps: if you want to reveal saved passwords, then this feature does not have anything to offer you at all. This will work while you are typing in your password and nothing more than that.

Make Passwords Visible when Typing on Galaxy S9:

  1. For the start, you have to navigate to the Home screen;
  2. While there, you must click on the App menu;
  3. Tap on Settings;
  4. You can continue to “Other Security Settings”;
  5. In the next submenu you can now enable the option with the slider, so activate the Make Passwords Visible option from its dedicated slider;
  6. Leave the Menu and go back to the app or website where you want to type the password.

At this point, the characters of your password are visible on the Galaxy S9 handset while typing. So, you can see quickly see whether you entered the correct characters or if you have touched a wrong key on the keyboard. This sounds great, but always ensure that there’s nobody close you to take a look at what you’re writing!

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