How to Enable 4K UHD Video Recording on Redmi Note 5 Pro

If your wish is to enable 4K UHD Video Recording on Redmi Note 5 Pro, this is the perfect guide for you. Xiaomi disabled this function for some reason, just as it happened to last year’s Redmi Note 4. This phone sports an amazing combo of 12 MP rear and 20 MP front face camera, yet the device doesn’t include an option for 4K video recording.

I must tell you from the very start that root access on the device is a must to enable this feature, so I can only hope that this is not an issue for you. So, if you are not afraid of rooting, keep on with the procedure below and also understand that a file explorer is capable of performing operations in the root directory and a text editor are a must. The idea is that most file explorers already have a text editor built-in so you need not download a dedicated text editor if you don’t already have one.

And like it or not, you should better remember that I will not be responsible for any damage to the device while or after you install this mod. Enabling 4K UHD video recording on your handset is a potential risk. You will be required to make changes to a system file and this can lead to potentially unpleasant surprises, so assume every single step:

How to Enable 4K UHD Video Recording on Redmi Note 5 Pro:

  1. First of all, on your device go to system/etc/device_features/whyred.xml. You must use a file explorer to locate the path;
  2. In this folder, you should locate a file named whyred.xml. Tap on it to open it in a text editor;
  3. If you have a text editor apart from the one bundled in your file manager, you will be asked to choose one;
  4. In the file, find this line: false
  5. This is a boolean value with the name support_camera_4k_quality which only excepts one of two values, true or false. In case you haven’t figured it out, all you need to do is edit the line and change false to true. The edited line should read as follows: true
  6. When you’re done, save the file, even if some text editors don’t require you to specifically save the file, some do.

After that you are done performing the modification, you will see the new option for 4K UHD video getting enabled. Here you go.

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