How to Choose the Perfect HTC One M9 Camera Scene

Are you trying to learn as much as possible about your HTC One M9 camera? You probably know that a 20.7 MP shooter is capable of amazing results, but such an upgrade comes with challenges too. These new megapixels are not a guarantee of the best result, but you must learn how to use the camera. That is why I am here to help you discover the perfect HTC One M9 camera scene for you.

When you tap the menu button, you’ll see a series of options for changing the camera scenes or settings. There are no less than seven different camera scenes to choose from, and each one (except for the regular Auto and Manual) is designed for taking particular types of photos, so you know that you must be confused.

How to Choose the Perfect HTC One M9 Camera Scene:

This is the default scene for the camera and this means that you put your trust in your phone that will simply choose whatever setting is the best for the current environment. For most people, this mode is more than enough, but I think that there are also exceptions when your judgement can be even better.

This mode is my favorite one as it offers you complete control over the white balance, ISO, exposure, shutter speed, being ideal even when it comes to Fixing HTC One M9 Camera Auto Focus. I know that finding the right combination of settings is not an easy task, but find time to get familiar with the phone’s camera and be sure that you’ll succeed. And if you have previously used a full DSLR camera, then these controls will be no problem for you.

Do you take photos at night time, or in low light conditions? Use the Night Mode and your HTC One M9 will change things like exposure and shutter speed to better suit the low light. However, I want to remind you that this mode has nothing to do with the need of having a steady hand for avoiding blurry pictures, but once again, with a little bit of practice, I am sure that you’ll manage to control this potential issue!

Who doesn’t know the Portrait’s mode advantages? Use it and you’ll see how it chooses those settings that are flattering for photos of people’s faces.

Capture the special memories of walks in the hills or coastal areas for a lifetime by using Landscape Mode. When you’re looking to capture a wide photo of the scenery in front of you, this is definitely the perfect mode for you!

High Dynamic Range is the solution for photos that could appear dark or over-exposed. By choosing the mode, your M9 will sample the scene in front of it multiple times and will finally combine low-light and high-light images to produce just one photo with a perfect combination of light levels across the whole image, the result being vibrant and well-lit.

Macro and Text
If you want more detailed pictures, then you know what you must use: Macro Mode is ideal for shots of details, while Text mode is recommended for getting close-up pictures, but ups the contrast to make printed text stand out.

Have you decided what Mode you’re going to use next?

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