Learn to Disable Auto-Capitalization in Samsung Galaxy S9

Is anyone interested on disabling the auto-capitalization function on his or her Galaxy S9 smartphone? Have you ever thought that such a function annoys you rather than helping you? I totally get you even if the handset that you own is such an amazing one. I once liked the idea of a keyboard that tries to predict what I’m going to say next, but the result can be outlandish and I don’t have the time for that.

Sometimes, when I compose an email from my phone, Gmail turns the first letter of every word to a capital letter whether I want this to happen or not. There are also times when I type fast, really fast and my Galaxy S9 automatically inserts the word it thinks I want to type. Well, it couldn’t be more wrong!

What about all those strange suggestions for misspelled words? They have nothing to do with reality either and even if I don’t own this phone for a long time, I have already sent off quite a few embarrassing messages that were supposed to contain shorthand words that instead ended up making no sense.

Am I the only one in this position? I don’t think so! This post applies to all Samsung Galaxy S9 versions, so waste no more time.

Learn to Disable Auto-Capitalization in Samsung Galaxy S9:

  1. Launch the Messaging app;
  2. Then, open any message and tap on the Reply button to open the keyboard;
  3. Press and hold the Dictation key placed on the left side of the spacebar;
  4. Then, tap on the Settings option;
  5. From there, select the “Smart-Typing” option;
  6. Tap on the Predictive Text option as it’s time to disable it;
  7. From this Settings, disable auto-capitalization and forget about your current problem.

I can only hope this guide helped optimize your Galaxy S9 for a better experience. For more similar guides, keep an eye on us and take a closer look at the already existing tutorials from the site.

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