How to Fix Signal Strength Problems on Samsung Galaxy S6

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is indeed a marvel of engineering. The utilitarian plastic build that we were used to receive from the Galaxy S line is just a part of the past now. In its place, we have the chance to enjoy something much better – we are referring to Samsung Galaxy S6’s smooth glass-and-matte-metal body with improved fingerprint reader and amazing specs, so this is definitely the best smartphone that Samsung has made to date.

If you’re thinking about becoming the owner of such a handset or if of already have it and you are just wondering what you need to look out for, here we are to help you with that. The phone still has its disadvantages and several users complained about screen issues with certain Galaxy S6 units, about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems, not to mention Galaxy S6’s nonremovable battery which completely changes the story this time.

But these are not the only problems with the Galaxy S6. It seems that there are also a few Galaxy S6 owners who have started to complain about terrible signal strength and frequent dropped calls. This appears to be a major issue especially for people on Sprint, but some owners from other carriers are also reposting similar problems and we must admit that we are surprised and not in a good way.

We are talking about an impressive metal Samsung Galaxy S6 model which could win the title of the best Android phone of the year, so it’s ok to complain about minor software issue or a poor battery life (that can be improved with the help of this guide on How to Maximize Battery Life on Galaxy S6), but this is not acceptable.

If you are in the same situation as well, we are here to show you a simple trick that might change things into better:

How to Fix Signal Strength Problems on Galaxy S6:

  1. For the start, you have to go to Settings > Mobile networks > Network mode;
  2. Then, you must switch to CDMA/LTE, if you’re on Sprint or Verizon;
  3. If your handset is from a different carrier, then switch to Global as this option is said to work the best in your case;
  4. For some Sprint users switching to CDMA means a much more stable and faster connection the one unusually obtained from LTE. Maybe your local tower is being upgraded as well, so don’t be worried about your Samsung handset. It’s not a serious problem, at least not for now!

Have you been successful after applying these steps? Is the signal strength still a problem that you cannot fix? In such conditions, if you see no improvement, be sure of the fact that it’s time to address Samsung or Sprint about it. You are supposed to enjoy the warranty of your device so don’t hesitate to demand them to solve your issue as soon as possible.

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5 Responses

  1. Laurence Harvey says:

    The Galaxy S6 has the worst signal strength than any phone i`ve ever had ( sent it back next day it was that bad ) i compared the phone side by side to a galaxy a3 , s4 , htc m8 and an old nokia phone and all the other phones had at least 35% better signal strength than the so called flagship Galaxy S6 ! What`s the point having a flagship phone with a crap signal ? (there is no fix for this phone either )

    • Mbmalkin says:

      Having the same issue. The new wi-fi calling has exacerbated the issue. I drop several calls every day. The Verizon tech I just spoke with now says he can detect I have a bad SIM card.

      • Thingahangwi Makhaphiedzha says:

        Experiencing the same issue, network only good in major cities and towns, in most cases it says Emergency calls only, feels like breaking it into pieces.

    • Xchris says:

      Mine is going back tomorrow. The worst signal and the worst battery life of any phone I have owned. I really can’t believe people rate this phone as the basics of this phone have been completely overlooked by Samsung. Going to get an m10 instead as I know it will work.

  2. Sandra Cormier says:

    My signal strength was good..I had my phone one week..then I had to do an I have the poorest signal old s4 smashed has 109 times better signal…I’m so upset about this because I work alone I the book is and need my signal…

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